Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm on the board with 4 miles! The sun finally returned to us in Portland yesterday and the day was glorious!! Tuesdays are on my schedule for the gym in the evening with cycle class, but I was itching to get outside. The Sellwood Trail offered a great opportunity to enjoy nature and soak up the rays. The geese and ducks are nesting right now and are paired and happily doing their thing. I am a bit puzzled by the Canandian geese pair who have taken over an osprey nest this year high on a pole. Recently, I noticed this taking place and just didn't believe it! A perching hummingbird was noted too.
Speaking of hummingbirds, lots of hummingbirds this winter. Perhaps because I do walk more now than I have previously, throughout the winter I have noted hummingbirds flitting about, usually sounding a bit agitated and "squeaking" like they do. A bold hummingbird on Monday morning was pestering a crow. Fascinating!
Be well!

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Arleen Daugherty said...

AWESOME! Love the nature talk! Makes me want to get out there, too. May you be rewarded with many pledges and many beautiful experiences!