Thursday, April 30, 2009

80 mile goal has been reached!

Thanks everyone for your support in 2009! The 80 mile goal was reached on Monday, April 27, after a 6 mile walk through the neighborhoods north of us. I have enjoyed wandering on streets that easily are passed by in the normal course of the day marveling at the beauty of the flowers and the blooming trees and experiencing minor horror at some of the houses. It makes you wonder how the neighbors feel when things look derelict and abondoned. Like the partially burned home on a large lot with junk cars littered across the lawn.
I rewarded myself with a massage Tuesday and was pleased to have the masseuse comment my muscles felt toned. Good my 80 miles didn't go to waste!!
Thank you everyone who continues to donate your dollars!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

62 miles!

Hit 62 miles yesterday! I'm stoked! No walking yet today, but I'm working my way to 80! Get out your wallets!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Week of April 20th

A stellar week weather-wise here in Portland; morning walks have been fantastic with blue skies and warm sun.
In usual fashion, I am running out of time and feel there are far too many miles to go. Six miles Sunday, 5.75 miles Monday, 4.5 miles today. New total is 56.25. All of you per mile pledgers...I'm getting to 80!
Thanks to new donations: Mark $20, Greg $20, Adora $50, Barbara $25 and pledges from Sharilyn of 50 cents per mile.
With the extra miles this week and the extra time on foot, the mind wanders a bit more. Random thoughts come and go. I was thinking it would be good to make a bumper sticker: Pray for the born children (to counter all those "Pray for the unborn children" bumper stickers). I fear at times that people are more concerned about the unborn child than the child that is born and facing outrageous living conditions each and every day.
In this big amazing country we live in, I am disappointed by the amount of garbage that litters our streets and neighborhoods. Often, I am tempted to pick up a piece here or there, but before long (potentially) I'd have a huge bag of garbage and what good would that do if I'm supposed to be walking!! The whole garbage thing segued to life and how a person begins to pick up emotional garbage here and there and eventually you're staggering under a load of crap that you chose to pick up and stash in your bag. Frankly, I've put too much emotional garbage in my bag over the years!!
Anyhoo, I gotta pay bills!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Week of April 13th

I'm behind for the month! Yikes! How did it get to be the 18th already?? Six miles Monday, 4 miles Thursday, 3 miles this morning. I've got to hit it hard tomorrow and on Monday.
Enjoying the continuing emergence of spring with the flowers and trees. The dogwoods have started blooming!
An open house this afternoon with light traffic has allowed me time to jot down a few words.
More later!

Friday, April 10, 2009

April Walking

Walking is underway. As usual, I know I'll be cramming the last weekend of April to fit in my miles.
Thanks to Mary, Kate, Mom and Dad for your donations and to those who have pledged, Susie, Russ and Phyllis.
The highlights of walking this week have been sunny mornings (at least for a few days), the smell of the cottonwood trees and the beautiful spring flowers!

Friday, April 3, 2009

April for Alex 2009!

Okay, everyone, the 2nd Annual April for Alex is underway! A lofty goal of $5,000 is set despite this more challenging financial times. Heck, tell everyone you know, at 5 bucks a pop I only need 1,000 great supporters.
A reminder, a check can always be mailed to me at Christina Hamilton, PO Box 68522 Oak Grove, OR 97268.
More soon!

Monday, June 30, 2008

All the money has finally been collected!

The final tally has been done, $2,785. A deep and sincere thank you to all who donated money and gave their words of encouragement for April for Alex. You are all wonderful!!
Alex, I am hopeful that each dollar is another step towards helping you and folks like you who have been stricken by a disease that is still trying to be understood and treated! You are a brave and courageous gal!