Thursday, April 30, 2009

80 mile goal has been reached!

Thanks everyone for your support in 2009! The 80 mile goal was reached on Monday, April 27, after a 6 mile walk through the neighborhoods north of us. I have enjoyed wandering on streets that easily are passed by in the normal course of the day marveling at the beauty of the flowers and the blooming trees and experiencing minor horror at some of the houses. It makes you wonder how the neighbors feel when things look derelict and abondoned. Like the partially burned home on a large lot with junk cars littered across the lawn.
I rewarded myself with a massage Tuesday and was pleased to have the masseuse comment my muscles felt toned. Good my 80 miles didn't go to waste!!
Thank you everyone who continues to donate your dollars!

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Arleen Daugherty said...

You are amazing!!!!