Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Week of April 20th

A stellar week weather-wise here in Portland; morning walks have been fantastic with blue skies and warm sun.
In usual fashion, I am running out of time and feel there are far too many miles to go. Six miles Sunday, 5.75 miles Monday, 4.5 miles today. New total is 56.25. All of you per mile pledgers...I'm getting to 80!
Thanks to new donations: Mark $20, Greg $20, Adora $50, Barbara $25 and pledges from Sharilyn of 50 cents per mile.
With the extra miles this week and the extra time on foot, the mind wanders a bit more. Random thoughts come and go. I was thinking it would be good to make a bumper sticker: Pray for the born children (to counter all those "Pray for the unborn children" bumper stickers). I fear at times that people are more concerned about the unborn child than the child that is born and facing outrageous living conditions each and every day.
In this big amazing country we live in, I am disappointed by the amount of garbage that litters our streets and neighborhoods. Often, I am tempted to pick up a piece here or there, but before long (potentially) I'd have a huge bag of garbage and what good would that do if I'm supposed to be walking!! The whole garbage thing segued to life and how a person begins to pick up emotional garbage here and there and eventually you're staggering under a load of crap that you chose to pick up and stash in your bag. Frankly, I've put too much emotional garbage in my bag over the years!!
Anyhoo, I gotta pay bills!

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Arleen Daugherty said...

Very philosophical of you! Not only are the walks good for your body but they seem to be giving the gray matter a workout,too! Way to go, Chris!