Friday, April 25, 2008

April is Almost Over

Hello! I have been horribly remiss in adding notes through the month. It shall quickly be over, although, I do have a weekend of walking ahead of me. Being a slug is a good thing if you're a slug, however, if you're committed to walking 80 miles, it doesn't help. Another 4 miles logged this evening.
The Sellwood Trail is such a great place to walk especially this time of year with the wild life, herons, Canadian geese, hummingbirds and an unidentified bird perched in a tree. He reminded me of an owl in the way he moved his head and he appeared to have tufts of feathers at his head and a big white front, alas, I could not see him well enough. The day was warmish with nearly clear skies. Frankly, we haven't had many of those this spring. So, back to Canandian geese. There is a goosprey (as I heard a father telling his daughter tonight)along the trail. It seems the craziest thing, but a pair of Canadian geese have taken over an osprey nest this spring to hatch their young. A dangerous game I would think as the nest is on a pole 25 feet or so off the ground.
So, the 4 miles tonight puts me at 58.75 miles for the month. Again, I have a weekend of walking in front of me.
A great big thanks for the latest pledgers (it's not too late!!). Wendy donated $25 and Georg and Patricia $100. Thank you!
Blessings to all!

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