Tuesday, April 29, 2008

80 Miles!!

Wow! I have done it! Yesterday morning marked the last 7 miles to the 80 mile mark. I am glad to be done...and am very happy for all your support.
A quick shout out to the latest contributers, Sherry at $50, Barbara at $50 and Frederica at $25. Thank you!!
Everyone has been awesome with their words of encouragement and their monies pledged.
So, just a quick note about this weekend's walks. They have all been done along the Sellwood Trail because it is such a great place to walk as I've been saying. The cottonwoods, or the smell of the cottonwoods take me back to my childhood. It is a sweet smell, but I do not know what to compare it to. The leaves of the tree are bright green and lovely. The fluffy yellow goslings of the Canadian geese have been busily following the parentals about eating voraciously the green grass that is so abundant. Ahhh, it is a great time of year.
Alex to you a great big hello! I hope the monies raised help take some steps toward helping you and those who have been stricken by Neuroacanthocytosis!
Be well!

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Unknown said...

Dear Chris

Many congratulations!!! Have been following your blog and very impressed with your efforts and the many contributions.
Alex is thrilled you have been slogging away all month on her and her fellow patients' behalf.

We would like to add $200 to your efforts and ask that if you haven't already had a picture take of you in your hiking shoes you do so immediately so we can include in the newsletter!

Put those feet up and accept our many many thanks for your huge accomplishment.

Much love
Alex Glenn and Ginger