Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend update

Preparing myself for next month. While I have been walking regularly the past 2 months, my times will need to increase in April, I've only been walking about 30 minutes a day.
Spring is on it's way and I'm very excited about that! Yesterday, I was greeted by a willow tree leaves just emerging, a halo of bright spring green. Beautiful! The daphne is blooming too with its pungent lemony-gingery scent hanging in the air and thrilling me each time I catch a wiff.
To my walking partners, Barbara and Sherry, one for the log. Friday morning I spotted an owl, dead of course, as our log entries usually are. He was about 8" tall with feathery furry legs, short ears and appeared to be resting (almost peacefully) except for the barely perceptible hint of red at his beak. Poor bugger!
Several new pledges!! Yeah and thank you greatly to all!! Mona $25, Lisa $25 and Julee $2 per mile! You all rock!
Be healthy today...take a walk!

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